Low Sugar Horse Treats - Nutrition Facts

A Safe Choice


Nicker Treats Safe Low Sugar Horse Treats offer three cookie recipes; Original, Alfalfa and Cushings.  

All products made in facilities subject to FDA inspection.

 Healthy horse treats safe for all horses   

High Omega 3


All of our cookies contain 50% flax seed, so are an excellent source of Omega 3.


Try our Nicker Treats low sugar treats with hyaluronic acid for joint support.

Best Value!


Nicker Treats uses nothing but the highest quality ingredients, like organic alfalfa, non-GMO flax seed and organic flavors.

Each 18 ounce bag contains 100 1" round treats.

Original Formula


Ground flax seed, soybean hulls, rice bran, steam crimped oats, plain non-GMO beet pulp, herbs 

Lab Verified Analysis

Sugar 1.7%

Protein 19.90%

Calcium .71%

phosphorous .48%

Magnesium .32%

Potassium 1.12%

Fat 11.88%

Starch 8.83%

Crude Fiber 11.93%

NSC 11.79%

Alfalfa and Cushings Formula


Ground flax seed, ground alfalfa, psyllium hulls. (chasteberry powder added to Cushings formula)

Lab Verified Analysis:

Sugar 0.74%

Protein 21.66%

Calcium .88%

phosphorous .40%

Magnesium .35%

Potassium 1.45%

Fat 9%

Starch 5.37%

Crude Fiber 14.01%

NSC 6.11%

Available Flavors


Plain - No added flavor, just the natural goodness of delicious, wholesome ingredients.

Luscious Licorice - Enhanced with fragrant organic anise, one of your horse's favorite flavors.

Provocative Peppermint - Made with organic peppermint oil, commonly known to aid in digestion

Fabulous Fenugreek - Fenugreek helps control blood  sugar.  We 

use only organic Fenugreek powder  

If you are unsure of which formula or flavor to try, you may want to order some of our sample bags.