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Bandit is a 22 year old Arabian gelding who was impounded as a starved horse, and threatened with euthanization by another local rescue, due to stallion like behavior.  I took Bandit, whom I had already suspected was a cryptorchid, and we funded surgery to remove undescended testicle.  He is now the sweetest boy on the farm!



Mona is a 23 year old APHA mare who was purchased into horse rescue after being contacted by a potential buyer who did a pre-purchase exam to see if she was still breedable.  She failed the breeding exam, so he could not use her in his program, but when the vet said she was so starved she wouldn't make it through the winter, he refused to return her to the seller.

Buttercup and Bailey


Buttercup and Bailey are two very sweet 18 year old ponies who were rescued together when their former owner could no longer afford to keep them, and they were being kept in a garage.  Both have managed COPD and require daily medication.



Naughty little Penny was taken in after a woman lost her farm in a divorce.  She is a handful, but very entertaining.  Penny is small but full of fun.  She lives in the sheltered paddock with our other two ponies, Buttercup and Bailey.



Sonata is a beautiful 30 year old former broodmare who is living out her retirement years in our sanctuary.  Sonata is very smart, but lacks trust.  Because she spent so many years unhandled, she took a great deal of time to socialize.  She now stands for the farrier and vet, and lets us groom, wash and blanket her.  She loves to hang out with our 23 year old Arabian mare, Katie. Sonata is a permanent member of our horse sanctuary.  She, and the other horses in our horse rescue are supported by the sale of Nicker Treats low sugar horse treats.



Shahara is a 22 year old mare who had an accident as a yearling that left the right side of her face paralyzed.  Her diet consists mostly of wet Triple Crown Senior, beet pulp, rice bran and alfalfa.  She is a very sloppy eater, so requires frequent grooming.  She is an incredibly affectionate, sweet mare who will take your breath away when in motion.

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When I made the terrible discovery that so many beautiful horses are starving or going to slaughter, I knew I had to do something.

Pictured is Bandit, a beautiful Arabian gelding who lost his health, identity and spirit when sold at a local auction for $25.

The man who purchased Bandit, from whom he was ultimately impounded, was told Bandit was a Mustang yearling when, in fact, he was a 16(?) year old Arabian.  The man told the Department of Agriculture that he  was feeding Bandit 'pig food' in an effort to fatten him up to sell to a kill buyer (by the pound).

I was initially fostering Bandit for another rescue in Georgia.   Once he returned to health, so did his stallion-like behavior.  Despite having no visible testicles, I realized by his stallion-like behavior was likely due to having an undescended testicle.  

The rescue planned to have him euthanized because he was 'too wild'.   I raised for Bandit's surgery, and had his undescended testicle removed at UGA Vet school.  

You will never find a more gentle, sweet or loving horse. Bandit has a home with us forever, and has enriched our lives more than I ever imagined.