Nicker Treats - Best Horse Treats - Testimonials

Erica M - Pittsburgh, PA

I am so glad I found your web site.  I have tried every 'low starch' treat on the market, and Shadow had no interest in them at all.  Thanks to your free sample offer, I was able to try your treats without making a financial investment.  Shadow loves the Fenugreek Nicker Treats, and I can finally feel good about giving him what he wants without worrying about his insulin level spiking. 

Karen S

I just placed my order for 4 different bags.  My girls get 2 treats each in the morning when I go out to feed them.  They both line up at the fence and push each other out of the way to get the treats.  They seem to love all flavors.  ~Karen S


Just wanted to say thanks for offering the 20% discount.  I just ordered 2 more bags for Ernie.   So grateful for your treats since he has soo many allergies and needs low nsc treats as well.  Yours literally are the only ones he can have! Stephanie

Mo F - Big Bear City, CA


A big thank you to Nicker Treats for sponsoring our ACTHA Ride in Big Bear City, Ca. All the riders loved the cookies you supplied them. Thank you Nicker Treats! Joan

Renee Y - AZ (and Black Jack)


Here’s the horse that literally does not let anyone or anything come between him and his Nicker Treats! 

His name is Black Jack and he would love to get posted.  He a regular social butterfly with a playful inquisitive personality.  Today I turned him out in the yard instead of the arena (1.5 acres) and he wound up on my front porch.  I’m very grateful that he didn’t go through and break a leg because the porch is an old style wooden one.

No matter where he is (usually out of sight), he comes when I call him because I give him Nicker treats as a reward for coming.  That’s how I got him in from tearing around the yard and that’s how I got him to come because the trimmer was here.  Yes, he’s a playful curious glutton!

Sue, thanks for your contribution to the horse world by making these treats available.  I’m very picky about what I give him because he has all the earmarks for turning IR or getting Cushings and he’s 18 years old.  And…there just isn’t anything out there safe.  Yours are the only treats I use.  In fact, I found you because Skode’s went out of business.

So, don’t go out of business.

~ Renee Y - AZ

Stephanie T - Shelburne, VT


"Best Horse Treats" "Best Sugar free

Ernesto sends huge thanks from VT for his nicker treats sugar free horse treats. I'm thankful to find tasty healthy horse treats that have low nsc levels (he's an easy-keeper Morgan) that my horse with multiple food allergies can eat! Much gratitude♡♡ 

Stephanie T - Shelburne, VT low starch horse feed

Corinne - Minneapolis, MN

HI my horse has Pssm and I jus got your treats, he Loves them, thank you :) 

Marian Figley - Atlanta, GA

I can personally attest to how good an anti inflammatory turmeric is. If you need the convenience of a powder, Nicker Treats Low Carb Horse Cookies now does the work for you, and the proceeds benefit rescue horses. Turmeric is tremendous for people, horses, and dogs with inflammation issues. 

Carolyn J - Alpharetta, GA

Thanks to my buddy Kristin Finn for sending my stallion Mahroufs Hafid Nicker Treats while he was recovering from spending 18 days Uga Vet School last year! And then to find out they are made here in my own back yard. Hafid has EMS and Cushings and I almost lost him last year. Fit as a fiddle now, he only gets Nickers Treats-he prefers the peppermint flavor! 

S. Hopper - Oklahoma City

This is the only treat I have found that all my horses will eat.  Thank you.  

Chris L - Atlanta, GA

Has your horse tried Nicker Treats Low Carb Horse Cookies yet? Horses love them, and they are low carb with great ingredients!! Great for clicker training, if you want to limit the calories! 


The treats are a really big part of my weight reduction plan for an obese dwarf mini with IR. They are the PERFECT size to go inside a rolling toy called a "Nose It" that dispenses a tidbit every so often. The mini will actively work that toy, covering a lot of ground therefore getting some exercise, until she gets the last treat.  

Cindy Daigre - Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary

I wanted to let you know that I have your Nicker treats on my horses “Wish Lists” for the holidays, in hopes that they get purchased for them J  If not, of course I will be placing an order!  Each horse has a page on my Website, with their holiday wish list items listed and a link to where they can be purchased!

My horse LOVED all the different flavors of these treats. I think he liked the Alfalfa Fenugreek ones the best. Thank you so much for  offering such a healthy alternative for our babies and thanks to my wonderful farrier Marian Figley for turning me onto these!

Thank you! 

Note from Nicker Treats: please visit the Ferrell Hollow Sanctuary web site.  They do great work with senior horses.

Cheryl J - Waukesha, WI

Just a note to tell you that Secret LOVES your Cushings Fenugreek treats, and I love finally finding a low-carb treat that she will actually eat.  I have already started her on chasteberry as a supplement, based on the research I’ve read about, and now I have a palatable way to feed it to her.  Thanks a million!

Jude B - Stockton, NJ

Swift is one happy horse!!  He likes all the flavors.  I’ll order some this weekend.  You work magic with the grains and herbs.  Thanks a lot.  

Caroline L - Baldwin, MD

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the free sample of Nicker Treats for Mikey. He is very finicky and I'm never sure if he'll like a new treat I offer him, but he absolutely loves the Provocative Peppermint treats with the Fenugreek and Chaste Berry for Cushings! We still have some left in our sample bag, but I will certainly be ordering more. I love knowing that I'm able to give him a treat that is both good for him and that he loves.Thank you so much! 

Jackie S - Springfield, MO

My Morgan mare was diagnosed with Cushings last Spring, and I have been unable to find a treat that she is able to have and likes since then.  Thank you for giving her the opportunity to have treats again!

Cindy R - Hillsboro, OR

Thank you for the generous sample of your peppermint Nicker Treats.  My horse LOVES them!  I am placing an order for 12 more bags.


Susan S - La Jolla, CA

I have been using Nicker Treats for clicker training my warmblood gelding. I don't have to worry about giving him so many treats, even though he has a metabolic disorder.  What a relief!

Marie M - Somerset, NJ

I ordered one of every flavor to see which my horse preferred, and she loved them all!  Your treats are a win-win for both me and Honey.  Thank you.